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About Enoch

Born in Chennai, India, Enoch Fernando, a brilliant concert pianist who travels over 250,000 miles each year, has performed in over 4000 concerts worldwide, fashioning a unique "worship experience" with his concerts across America that help the needy of India and the children of the world.

Enoch's concerts are full of musical virtuosity, inspirational spiritual zeal, enjoyable lightness and flair. His music ministry has lifted people bringing encouragement and healing to wounded hearts


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From Engelbert Humperdinck on Enoch

Bring the gift of Enoch Fernando's  motivational message and music into your life.  An Enoch Concert is an emotional, soothing, moving experience of sound and video sure to increase your praise and worship levels to untold heights. 


His keyboard has no language barriers. Accompanied with orchestrations and multimedia video, his breathtaking arrangements and inspiring testimony have touched the hearts of millions  worldwide Through live concerts and Television. Enoch has performed in over 72 countries and counting

  " Enoch's music will cause you to rejoice in praise to God"


 Pastor Rick Warren best selling author.


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I could go on and on with the supertatives and describe the music. I am aware of "risk factor" of scheduling special events and guests - escpecially people I have not met or heard. I am happy to say that the ministry exceeded all my hopes and expectations.

Pastor Joel E. Giles, Illinois

Your blend msuic and natural style cleraly shows God's gift in you to ministry through music. The lovely multimedia presentations plus your personal sharing enhance our worship experiance and encourage our hearts to serve our Lord Jesus.

Pastors Bob & Dot, Singapore

I sat spellbound as I listened to the artisty and skill of this master musician. While Enoch played, moving video footage was simultaneously projected on the sanctuary screen. You will be touched by the passion and vision of this man.

Paster Farmer, Los Angeles, California





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